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Participating in therapy is a unique journey for each individual

About Me

Participating in therapy is a unique journey for each individual. It opens up mental and emotional traps developed through our past experiences and creates new pathways into a present and future that is in line with one’s goals and a meaningful, fulfilling and happy life.

I believe a life of meaning, fulfilment and happiness is possible for every person, from those with slightly tiresome moods or behaviours to those with severely wounded pasts. It can be achieved through a guided therapeutic process which combines scientific research with careful assessment into each person’s mental barriers, unhelpful traits and recurrent emotional patterns.

This is followed by insights and strategies which heal anxiety, manage unpleasant emotions & overcome personal or interpersonal behavioural cycles.
My practice, with over 12 years of experience, offers a caring, intuitive, nuanced approach uniquely tailored to your needs, utilising the latest evidence based, neuro-scientifically informed treatment strategies.

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Room 4/468 Brunswick Street Fitzroy North Victoria 3068


0431 483 428

Monday to Friday  10.00 am. Р20.00 pm.
Saturday and Sunday  Closed.


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